Aberdeen Angus Chips


There’s not much to say about these potato chips, other than don’t waste your money on these. There was no taste of steak, and certainly no distinction between these and any other plain salted potato chip.

Two sentences is all I got, well that makes three now.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 4

Red wine steak chips


From the makers of the sweet mayonnaise chips I mistook for asparagus chips comes a red wine steak potato chip. That sounds promising to say the least.

I bit into the first chip expecting a savory umami overload. Instead I found myself biting into something that resembled charcoal. Not very nice to say the least. I get that steaks can be flame grilled over charcoal, but then please use the steak as flavoring, and not the actual charcoal.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test 4

Crispy bacon chips


I should really stop trying out different potato chips. They tend to disappoint. As did these bacon chips produced by Mackie’s who also gave us whisky & haggis chips.

There was indeed a taste of bacon to the chips. Crispy bacon that has been fried just a bit too long, but bacon nonetheless. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, that the taste didn’t last. This was yet another disappointing potato chip.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test 5

Braised pork chips


My potato chips flavor of the week is braised pork. That brings a big expectation with it. Braised pork and salty potato chips sounds like a great combination, but as is so often the case this fried potato snack did not pack a punch.

The taste of pork was hardly noticeable, and after a few bites wasn’t there at all anymore. This was yet another case of “did not live up to expectations.” I still give it a 4 for the taste test, and natural potato chips are still nice to eat.

Braised pork chips

Lemon tea chips


I get all the different meat flavored potato chips. It makes sense. Every once and a while I come across a flavor combination that does not make sense. At least in my mind it doesn’t. This week I found some lemon tea flavored potato chips.

More often than not the taste of the chips doesn’t live up to the name on the packaging, bus these chips really did taste like lemon tea. They tasted like an ice tea with the added crunch of the chips. At first I thought the flavor wouldn’t last, but it stayed prominent until the end. It’s not yet my favorite flavor of chips, but I could definitely polish off the whole tube.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 8

Beef & Horseradish chips:


A Welsh potato chips maker came up with a beef & horseradish chip. Having eaten beef with horseradish before, I’d say that sounds pretty darn good.

The first bite did have that savory, salty, beefy flavor on the forefront, and a spicy, slightly acidic, mustardy flavor that would hit the back of your throat. So far so good. Later, however, the beefy flavor disappeared and you were left with the strong hit of horseradish. It was a bit unpleasant to eat, like when you overdo it on the wasabi at a Japanese restaurant.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 4

Truffle chips


I’ve said it a few times already about other foods, but I really do love truffle. It’s one of the world’s priciest delicacies, and definitely my favorite of the bunch. I’ll take it over a glass of champagne with caviar any day of the week. The smell alone sends leaves me drooling.

I recently picked up a bag of gourmet potato chips that was flavored with truffle. The packaging said that it used real truffle in addition to truffle oil, and I could indeed make out some specks of black truffle. The aroma was distinctly truffle-like, a wonderful smell.

As far as the chips were concerned, these were some of the best I’ve had. They were crispy and crunchy in a way that could only be done with love and care, and with real sliced potato. Artisanal is a word that springs to mind, cliché as it might be. The taste of truffle was there, and although it didn’t leave completely, it did dull down towards the end.

Fear Factor: 0 / Taste Test – 7

Mango chips

I’ve eaten plenty of potato chips that I thought were a little weird, but mango flavored chips? Really? That’s not a little weird. That’s a lot weird. I love mango, but I just couldn’t imagine it as a potato chip.

The first bite had a big hit of mango. Artificial mango, but mango nonetheless. It didn’t clash with the chips though. I guess potatoes are like rice or pasta. If you add something spicy, it will be spicy, but if you add something sweet, you guessed it, it will taste sweet.

P1120576A few bites later, however, the strong taste of mango had mellowed down significantly. Unlike some other chips, the taste was still there though as an underlying flavor.

Fear Factor – 3 / Taste Test 6

Sweet mayonnaise chips


When I saw this box of chips my first thought was that somewhere in a food lab in China some genius had created asparagus chips. I love green asparagus, and I was convinced asparagus flavored chips would be a sensation. Alas, I was misguided. Even on first contact, there wasn’t the faintest trace of asparagus whatsoever. If anything, these chips tastes more like sweet mayonnaise.

I do like mayonnaise, and so I happily finished the entire pack I started to think though that maybe the picture on the box does not accurately portray the flavor, and my Chinese is just not good enough to read the label. After some research I discovered that it was indeed a salad dressing flavor. However, it was not at all what I expected, so I still consider it a major disappointment.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 6

Honey Dijon chips


The potato chip flavor of the week is “honey Dijon”. Is a kid I never enjoyed honey or mustard, but I inexplicably liked the combination as a salad dressing. There’s something about tangy and sweet that’s appealing to me.

It will come as no shock that this snack falls under the category “does not live up to its name” as so many other potato chips I’ve tried before.

Yes, it smelled of mustard, and yes, the first bite or two did remind me of honey mustard. I guess that’s a little better than some of the other potato chips that whose flavors are not present at all, but in the end this snack can’t cut the mustard. Pun intended.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 6