Lamington M&M’s


Growing up as a kid in the 80’s, and even as a teenager in the 90’s there were only two kinds of M&M’s. The regular brown ones and the peanut centered yellow ones. As I hate peanuts that left me with no choice but to eat the plain ones. Not that I minded, of course, they are pretty great. Then they came out with M&M crunchy which were great, but that was about it in Holland. In America I recently discovered a few new ones such as caramel centered ones, but in China it’s still just plain, peanuts and crunch.

In one of the import supermarkets I visited I discovered a bag of lamington flavored  M&M’s which were obviously imported from Australia. A lamington is Australia’s national cake, usually with a raspberry jam filling and covered in chocolate and coconut shavings. It makes sense then that these M&M’s were a mixed bag of three different flavors. You guessed it, raspberry, chocolate and coconut. I could definitely taste the berry, albeit quite an artificial flavoring, but the coconut went straight by. Take a handful and you get the flavor of plain M&M’s really. An interesting idea, but a lack of flavor.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 7


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