Cookie crumble KitKat


You know I like my KitKats. If you don’t – shame on your and go read my blog. It’s not necessarily my absolute favorite candy bar, but I do like that they come in all different flavor combinations. Usually the weird, wacky and wonderful KitKats hail from Japan, but every once and a while there’s another country that wants to see if it can follow suit. That’s how I stumbled upon a cookie crumble KitKat.

I do love cookies as well. KitKat pretty much is a cookie on its own. That might be exactly what was wrong with this variety. It was simply too plain to stand out. As the candy bar already has a cookie wafer at its core, you could barely notice the pieces of cookies crumbled throughout. Unfortunately this was another fail. Leave it to the Japanese. They’ll know what to do.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 6


Fresh wasabi


As much as I love Japanese food, I’m not really a fan of wasabi. It’s a dangerous condiment. If you take a bit too much it will blow your head off. Trust me, that’s happened to me on many occasions. Almost all wasabi that we get in supermarkets or restaurants isn’t actually wasabi at all, but rather a dyed horseradish paste. Real wasabi comes from the root of the wasabi plant and is extremely sensitive to the climate which makes it difficult to grow and transport.

I was excited to find some wasabi root in an import supermarket in Shanghai as I had never tried it before. When using fresh wasabi, you usually grate it on a fine grater which creates a kind of pulp. Some chefs in Japan use shark skin as a grater. Unfortunately I was fresh out of shark, so I used a normal grater instead.

Trying some of the fibers with great caution I found that it had all the flavour of wasabi, but it didn’t exactly slap you in the face. It had a kick, yes, but not one so strong that it leaves you in tears. I later grated some over some sushi and that was quite tasty. I only wonder if maybe the wasabi had lost some of its power and taste over the long journey from Japan to my stomach.

Fear Factor – 6 / Taste Test – 8

Chicken wing Oreos


I’ve written about a fair few Oreos before simply because they were different from the standard ones – be it cinnamon roll, red velvet or even cookies and cream. I never bought any of them because I thought they might be gross or weird. Leave it up to China to put a stop to that. In one supermarket I found spicy chicken wing flavored Oreos. Yes, you read that correctly. Spicy – chicken wing – Oreos.

I went in not thinking it was going to be bad, but KNOWING it would be. How could a chocolate cookie, cream and chicken wing match? Boy was I wrong. I didn’t just like, I kinda couldn’t stop eating. To be honest, the cream didn’t really pack a big chili hit. Salt was the predominant flavor. It tastes almost exactly like eating a bouillon cube straight from the wrapper. Don’t tell me I’m the only who licks their fingers after using those. The saltiness and the Oreo cookies worked surprisingly well together, and I can’t wait to find out what they will think of next.

Fear Factor – 5 / Taste Test – 8

Ice cream sandwich


Ok, so the title might be a bit misleading. You’re probably thinking: “An ice-cream sandwich? What’s so strange about that?” Well, sure, everyone has eaten a slab of ice-cream between two cookies before, but I’m talking about an actual ice-cream bread sandwich. It’s quite a common sight in some places in South East Asia to see street vendors selling ice-cream served on a slice of bread. I picked one up in Singapore for less than a dollar.

There was a variety of flavors to choose from, and I went for the choc chip option. It came wrapped in a slice of rainbow wonderbread. The bread itself was sweet enough to match the ice-cream fairly well. There was nothing bad or strange about it. I did, however, miss the crunch of wafers that give a standard ice-cream sandwich its texture. If I ever go back to Singapore, I think I might try it again in a different flavor.

Fear Factor – 1 / Taste Test – 8

Sake KitKat


I’ve tried a lot of different KitKats over the last two years, but never one that contained actual alcohol. Until now. In Japan, where else, the good people of KitKat decided it would be a good idea to not only infuse their candy bars with the flavor of sake, but to infuse it with actual sake. Now I will don’t mind a drink every now and again, so when I saw these on sale I just had to buy a box.

Unfortunately the chocolate had melted a bit, but that should not interfere with the taste too much. The wafers were coated in a white chocolate, which seems to be the chocolate of choice for unusual flavors. As soon as I bit into it I knew there was actual alcohol in there. You can really taste it. The actual percentage of alcohol is very low though, so you don’t need to worry about getting drunk. It was a fun experience, but on a whole I found the candy bar to be too sweet. Perhaps a dark chocolate would have been better.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 7

Duck tongue dumplings


Here in China it’s quite common to find a place to buy all kinds of roasted duck snacks. You’ll find the necks, the heads and also the tongues. I had tried beef tongue before, which I liked, but duck tongue is something else. There something about the look that just puts you off. For one, you don’t get an indistinguishable slice, but the whole tongue. Also, duck tongues are just alien looking as they are forked like a snake’s.

While I was in Singapore I went out for some dim sum at a restaurant by Masterchef Canada judge Alvin Leung. I had eaten in some of his restaurants before and always enjoyed his take on Chinese food. On the menu was a duck tongue dumpling which I could not pass on. The dumpling wrapper was extremely delicate and was stuffed with a mixture of vegetables. This was topped with a whole duck tongue. Honestly, I couldn’t tell much of the flavor as the stuffing dominated the dish, but I definitely recognized the tongue by its chewiness. I think this is one thing I’ll have to try again on its own.

Fear Factor – 4 / Taste Test – 6

Passion fruit chocolate


Dove in China has come up with some interesting flavor combinations in the past such as green tea and lemon. It just got a whole lot more interesting with the addition of a few new flavors including passion fruit. It’s a bar of white chocolate infused with passion fruit flavor and some biscuit crumbs for added crunch. I wasn’t sure if the sourness of the passion fruit would work with the chocolate, but it worked surprisingly well. You could definitely taste that it was passion fruit, and yet it didn’t clash with the chocolate. It worked for me, but there are other combinations that work better.

Fear Factor – 1 / Taste Test – 7