Beanboozled jelly beans


When I visited Universal Studios in Japan I bought some Bernie Bott’s Ever Flavored beans  which came in such delightful flavors as soap, earthworm and puke. During my latest trip to America I found a similar product in a candy shop, beanboozled jelly beans. The idea here is that there are two jelly beans of the same color, so you won’t know which is which.

After my party guests were brave enough to munch on crickets, I brought out this soon to be party favorite. Everybody agreed to take part. In this box you could find, if you were unlucky, such flavors as toothpaste, grass, spoilt milk, stinky socks and once again puke.

I was (un)fortunate enough to get spoilt milk, toothpaste, rotten fish and a few other ones, but at least didn’t have to deal with stinky socks or puke. They all taste pretty much exactly like what was promised. In the case of toothpaste that was actually quite pleasant. Grass was nice too. Spoilt milk was tolerable, but not something I’d wanna eat again. Rotten fish though, was utterly disgusting. It really tasted like old fish, which you may imagine is rather nasty. Still a very successful evening thanks to these magic beans.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 9


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