Lush Corn Milk Chewy Candy

Last week my blogger friend Paul did a guest blog on durian candy. He must have gotten a taste for the unusual, because he’s back today with some corn milk candy. I hope he keeps this up and tries that scorpion lollipop next. If you like his review, do visit his blog, Paul Sees the World.


I have a sweet tooth.  After eating days of authentic Lao food while in Laos, including more than my share of bamboo, I wanted candy.  Granted I very much enjoyed the sweeter fruit flavored sticky rices, I wanted real packaged candy like M&Ms, sweet tarts, gummy bears, or whatever.

But Laos isn’t the country where you run to the neighborhood 7-11 to get a treat. Candy was hard to find.We stopped in a village named Pak Mong, on our way to Nong Khiaw, and I found a store that had a table of bagged candy.  There was only one choice though – Lush Corn Milk Chewy Candy – but it was still bagged candy, so why not?  I bought a bag of it.

I like corn.  I assumed that corn milk is the milky juice from corn kernels, and of course it is candy so it would be further sweetened.  How bad could it be?

I opened the bag to find each piece was individually wrapped.  So I unwrapped a piece and put it into my mouth.  The initial taste was that of Captain Crunch cereal that had absorbed its maximum amount of milk.  But that taste only lasted a few seconds.  As I chewed the candy, the quality of taste deteriorated rapidly.  It started to taste like I imagine the liquid from day old, reheated, canned corn would taste.  Not bad enough to gag on, but not exactly pleasant.

I probably ate 5 or 6 from the bag, hoping that it would maybe grow on me.  It didn’t.  I ended up leaving the bag in a common area of the place I was staying for anyone to enjoy.  Or at least try.

My fear factor is based on buying a bag of candy from a roadside stand in rural Laos.  The taste test is based on the candy just not being pleasant.

Fear Factor – 3 / Taste Test – 3


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