Pistachio and grapefruit KitKat


The good folks of Nestle Japan haven’t only released hundreds of variations of KitKats, they have also set up a small chain of high end KitKat shops called Chocolatery. Here you can find elevated KitKats and even have some served on dry ice.

I bought a small box of pistachio and grapefruit flavored KitKats to see if they really were that high quality. As with many citrus flavored chocolates, it was all mixed with white chocolate. I expected a to see a hint of green, but there was no sign of pistachio in either sight or taste. The grapefruit was definitely there though, giving the candy bar a tart taste which I quite enjoyed.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 7


2 thoughts on “Pistachio and grapefruit KitKat

  1. PaulSeesTheWorld

    This will be a rare negative comment, but regular Kit Kats are among my least favorite candy bar, so really its seems anything would help them taste better. Though I will say that grapefruit and pistachio sounds like a wonderful combination for salads, snacks, and many other things sounds wonderful.


    • Off the bitten path

      I do like KitKats, but not as much as others. I prefer Twix or Lion. Lots of American ones that we don’t get, and I’ve never tried.


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