Vegetable juice donuts


Mixing vegetable juice with fruit juice is nothing new. Health conscience consumers have been mixing their own blends of juices for a good while now. A vegetable juice donut on the other hand is not something I have come across before. Mr. Donut in Japan recently sold a limited edition of three mini donuts flavored with vegetable and fruit juice.

These so-called “veggie pops” came in three colors, each with its own set of ingredients. The red donut contains carrot, tomato and strawberry with strawberry being the stand out flavor that I picked up on. The orange donut contains pumpkin, carrot and apple. Here I could mostly taste apple juice. Finally, the green donut contains spinach and pineapple, but this one didn’t make a big impression on me. Interestingly enough I really did pick up the flavor of juice, and not simply the flavor of fruit.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 8


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