Pepsi Special Zero


Japan likes its special and limited editions. There have been almost 300 different varieties of KitKat alone. Pepsi is another contender for special editions that can’t be found outside of Japan. One of these is Pepsi Special Zero. Pepsi Special was first released in 2012 as a fat-fighting drink. It contains dextrin, a kind of fiber that is said to suppress the bodies absorption of fat.

It seems strange to drink a soda to get healthier, but it seems the dextrin does actually do what it is advertised to do, which is why in Japan it was listed as a “Food for Special Healthy Use”, and which is also why it will not be released in The States, due to health legislation. I tried a bottle of the Zero variety of Pepsi Special, meaning it has no sugar or calories, and I have to say it tastes a lot better – less sweet – than regular Pepsi. I’m not a convert yet, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this on the shelves outside of Japan.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 8


4 thoughts on “Pepsi Special Zero

  1. Tofu

    There’s so many drinks in japan that has been remixed into something different! I wanna try cola coffee…. think it is only available at certain vending machines…. I could be wrong !!😂


    • Off the bitten path

      I did try cola coffee (I will write about it later), but it was really hard to find. I only found it at one vending machine in Tokyo. Nowhere to be seen in supermarkets, 7-11s or vending machines in other cities.

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