Red bean cheesecake


I feel the same way about red bean desserts as I do about green tea ones. I don’t always like the savory aspect of it, but when it’s done in moderation it can be quite good. Both of these Asian ingredients have really grown on me. When it comes to red beans, I simply don’t think the texture is pleasant.

I visited Xixi Bistro in Shanghai recently to try out their food during restaurant week. We were present with several options for starters and mains, but had no choice over dessert. Therefore I ended up with a slab of red bean cheesecake, along with some ice-cream. In this case the texture was not an issue at all, as the beans had been fully incorporated with the cheese. From the look and texture of it, it could have easily been a strawberry flavored cheesecake. Flavor wise I couldn’t exactly tell it was red bean either. There simply was a sweetness that you don’t find in a basic cheesecake that hasn’t got any additives.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 8


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