Century egg


Century eggs, also known as hundred year old eggs, are one of those Chinese things that I’ve always shied away from trying as they seem so, well, for lack of a better word disgusting. Since starting this blog though, I have found that things are often not as bad as they seem, such as the stinky tofu I tried before. If it was really that horrible, why would so many people eat it. And so, when I saw some century eggs at a buffet I knew it was now or never. At least I didn’t have to buy a whole batch.

Century eggs are normal chicken eggs that are preserved in clay and ash for several weeks, or even months. People also use quail or duck eggs sometimes. During the time the eggs spend in their coating the yoke turns green and creamy, and the egg white turns into a dark brown jelly.

I personally hate the smell of eggs, so I imagined the smell of essentially rotten eggs to greet me, but fortunately the smell was only really apparent once you got real close. The taste of the egg wasn’t actually all that bad either. It tasted like egg, just a little more eggy. You know when you overcook a custard you get a similar eggy taste, this was just a bit stronger than that. What I didn’t appreciate was, as always, the texture. That hard jelly of the egg white, combined with the creamy yoke, was just off-putting for me.

Fear Factor – 9 / Taste Test: 5


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