Chicken liver crostinis


I’ve always loved pate. When I go back to Holland for a visit that’s one of the things I bring back to China with me. That and cheese, of course. This summer I also visited the beautiful city of Florence and we went to the Mercato Centrale for lunch. This is a huge indoor market with a food market on the ground floor and restaurants and food stalls on the first floor.

At restaurant Nerbone I ordered a couple of crostinis with chicken liver as an appetizer. It’s not exactly pate, as it’s much coarser, but it’s not a big hunk of cooked liver either. The livers are cooked and then chopped to a rough paste with some alcohol. It’s one of the traditional dishes local to the city. I found it resembled pate in flavor with an added acidity that I thought was lemon juice. The texture was much wetter than pate, but not unpleasant at all.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 8


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