Rose & pistachio Magnum


A little while back I wrote about a Magnum I tried in Florence with salt, pretzel and chili. Just recently I went back to Florence and revisited the same Magnum shop. I didn’t want to repeat my mistake of adding too much chili, and so I went for something sweeter.

I asked the waiter to coat my Magnum in white chocolate and then sprinkle it with pistachios, rose petals and meringues. Although in Holland we don’t use rose to eat, in many Middle Eastern countries rose and pistachio is a tried and tested combination.

The Magnum ice-cream was as wonderful as ever, and the chocolate beautifully crisp, but I couldn’t really taste the pistachios or the rose. Then what’s the point of creating your own Magnum? Luckily the small dots of meringue did add a nice crunchy texture.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 7


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