Ox tail stuffed zucchini flowers


When in Rome, do as the Romans. One of the most iconic Roman vegetables is the zucchini flower. It is often stuffed with a creamy cheese or deep fried in a batter. When I tried them last July they were also battered, but stuffed with another traditional Roman dish, stewed ox tail, which I tasted at a different restaurant before.

When the dish came out I didn’t think they were our zucchini flowers, as there was no shape to it but a big lump. They must have used a lot of batter, because it looked nothing like what I know from TV. On biting into one I was immediately underwhelmed by the batter. It was soft and soggy, not what I was expecting at all. The stuffing was very nice though. There were plenty of pieces of tender tasty ox tail enveloped in its own gravy.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 7


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