Goose gizzards


Up until I started this blog I never really knew what gizzards were. I’d seen them in the supermarket and I could tell it was some kind of organ. It looked like hearts to me, but I still didn’t know what gizzards were. According to the wisdom that is the Internet, gizzards are internal organs that help break down food for animals that can’t chew very well. Most of those animals are birds, though some fish and crocodiles have them too.

During my trip to Krakow, I visited Zazie Bistro, a French restaurant holding a Bib Gourmand by Michelin. They offer a ridiculously cheap three course menu for lunch. One of the option for main was a potato gratin with goose gizzards. The gratin was slathered with tomato sauce and cheese, and reminded me of a lasagna in taste.

Among the components were also a handful of the gizzards. They were totally different from what I expected. In my mind organ meat is either chewy or soft, but these goose gizzards were very meaty. You could pull apart each strand of meat, much like cheeks, except this is much denser and not as soft. The taste was also quite meaty. It was hard to believe this was poultry and not beef.

Fear Factor – 7 – Taste Test – 8


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