Stewed ox tail


I remember eating ox tail soup as a kid on special occasions such as Christmas dinner, and I always loved it. To this day it’s one of my favorite soups. You can imagine that when I went to Rome recently and I found a classical Roman dish of stewed ox tail I was quite excited. The only thing holding me back was that it was served on the bone, and I’ve never been good at picking meat of bones.

The dish arrived with four big chunks of ox tail covered in a tomato sauce – anything “alla Romana” usually had tomato sauce. Like I was afraid of, the meat was difficult to get off the bones. It had been cooked till very tender, but it wasn’t exactly falling of the bone either, so you really had to pry at it. The meat that I did manage to get off was just like I remember from the soups, mild in flavor and super tender. Just a shame I couldn’t get much meat off of it.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 7


2 thoughts on “Stewed ox tail

  1. paulifeblog

    I can not help but comment. I went to the grocery store recently to buy some pork bones to cook down with my tomatoes into a gravy/sauce. All that was put out was boneless pork. I asked the butcher and he said no one wants meat with bones in it anymore, no one buys meet with bones so he does not put it out.

    Roy this is not a criticism of you because I am a big fan of your blog, nor of millennials, because I like them, but people need to get used and eat more meat and pick it off the bones, tender or otherwise. The bone adds flavor! Appreciate the bone people (that sounds weird).


    • Off the bitten path

      That’s ok Paul. You’re absolutely right. Bones add so much to the flavor of a dish. Compare a chicken breast to a thigh. Here in China bones are usually left on, even when the meat is chopped. Personally I just find it difficult to eat, and I always have so much meat left on the bone, whereas my dad just picks it clean. I guess I could use a lesson or two.

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