Polish blood sausage


As part of an appetizer platter at Starka restaurant in Krakow, we were offered some kaszanka, Polish blood sausage. Kaszanka is made my mixing blood with buckwheat, a staple in Poland, and uses marjoram as a spice. In this case it wasn’t technically a sausage as it didn’t come in a skin, but was served warm in a small bowl.

I scooped up some of the stuffing and spread it on some dark rye bread. The blood sausage was perfectly palatable. It didn’t have a big coppery taste and the rye gave it some added texture. Every once and a while I would get a hint of copper, but overall it was quite ok. I do think they could have used some more spices to give the dish a bit of a kick, as I found it a bit bland.

Fear Factor – 4 / Taste Test – 6


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