Durian cookies


One of the great aspects of working as a teacher, especially in China, is that kids occasionally give you a present or a snack. At one point in my class a student said he was hungry, to which I said “me too.” One of the other students then offered us both a little snack. At first I was going to say no, because I always feel students should keep their money, but then I noticed it was a durian cookie, and my blog writing instincts kicked in.

One of my first blog entries was on durian, and to this day I still regard it as the most horrible thing I’ve ever eaten. I found it to resemble putrefied onions, though I firmly believe I could actually enjoy it if I tried a better variety as suggested by one of my followers. I can tell you that experience left me hesitant, cautious and suspicious of any durian item that followed.

The first thing I did was sniff the cookie to check for any bad smells. They weren’t there, so I braved up and took a nibble. That strong sweet yet rotten taste was also absent, and so I went ahead and took a whole bite. I could taste the flavor of durian, a little like kimchi, but it had lost its power as if diluted in water. And so I continued and polished off the whole thing. Durian 2 – Me 2. Waiting for the tie breaker.

Fear Factor – 8 – Taste Test – 6


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