Tomato granita


Every day I show pictures of unusual things I eat as a snack or at restaurants, but I actually do most of my eating in the confines of my own home as I love to cook. At one occasion I whipped up a 13-course Italian inspired dinner with wonderful things like truffle, balsamico and pine nuts.

Inspired by the colors of the Italian flag and the flavors of a Caprese salad, I set about creating a savory pre-dessert. I made a layered dish with the bottom layer being a tomato granita, the middle layer a home-made ricotta & parmesan mousse and the top layer a basil oil.

I didn’t know beforehand if this would work, as I never saw anyone making tomato ice. In order to balance out the sweetness, and not turn it into a dessert I mixed in some vinegar with the freshly juiced tomatoes. On its own it was nice, but I wouldn’t eat a whole bowlful. Mixing it with the cheese mousse and basil oil, however, worked like a charm. It was a wonderful combination, and the difference in temperature made for an interesting eating sensation.

Fear Factor 1 / Taste Test – 7


2 thoughts on “Tomato granita

    • Off the bitten path

      If you hop on a plane now, you might be in time for tomorrow’s dinner party. I’m doing a 12-course Dutch inspired night with all the stuff I bought on my trip. Fancy stuff like foie gras filled syrup cookies, but also a heart beef and ale stew.

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