Cold smoked reindeer


I was looking forward to trying some reindeer at the airport in Finland during my stopover, however, I didn’t have enough time to go to a restaurant as we were behind on schedule. In one of the shops they did sell packages of cold smoked reindeer, and I bought some to go.

They were slices of deli meat that you can put on a sandwich reminiscent of an Italian bresaola. It’s quite chewy when eaten in chunks, so it’s usually sliced paper thin. Then it pulls apart in strings if you tear it. In Holland we also have this made of beef or horse and it’s a nice thing to put on some bread, maybe with a bid of pesto or tapenade.

This version of smoked reindeer was in texture quite familiar, but not in flavor. The taste was very acidic, almost as if it was a little off. It actually was nice to just eat on its own without bread, but I don’t think I would have finished the package if I hadn’t been with friends and family to share it with.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 6


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