Finnair business class meal


This blog entry was inspired by fellow blogger Paul from Paul Sees the World who writes about food – obviously, travel, planes and cats. He recently posted a comparison of first class meals from some of the American flights he’s been on. Just two weeks ago I was on a business class flight myself.

While checking in at the airport for my flight to Amsterdam recently, I overheard the ground staff say there were no available seats. I was starting to panic, but then they told me I would be upgraded to business class. As soon as I sat down I was given a glass of champagne and a menu for lunch. A four course business class lunch, that’s definitely unusual for me.

As a canapé we received a tiny piece of bread with some raw salmon, sour cream and fish roe. The taste was very fresh, but also very mild. I like raw salmon, and I liked this dish, but it could have used some more seasoning. For starters I chose an Asian inspired chicken and coriander soup. In this case the flavors wee much stronger and the coriander especially shone through. It was served with some excellent dark rye bread, but unfortunately the side salad was lacking in both flavor and inspiration. It was just a handful of restaurants chucked on a plate.

Main course was a letdown. I wanted to choose the beef, but they had ran out. That’s a bit strange to me as there aren’t that many business class seats anyway. There was a fish option which didn’t look appealing, so I went for a sweet and sour chicken with rice and mushrooms. I live in China and have eaten some great sweet and sour chicken, but this was not it. The sauce was alright in flavor, but a bit oily and split from reheating. The chicken itself was a bit too soft in texture for me.

For dessert I received two pieces of cheese with some crackers. Can’t go wrong with cheese. They were quite mild in taste, but still good. I paired that with a really nice glass of port wine. All in all I was happy with what I got. Great wine, great bread and good soup and chees. However I was expecting just a bit more for main course from a business class seat.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 7


4 thoughts on “Finnair business class meal

  1. paulifeblog

    Thank you for sharing (and for the shout out). Some airlines seem to get food very close to perfect (like Emirates) and others just seem to struggle with food. All things considered, you got lucky to get the upgrade so happy for you for that!


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