Stewed rabbit


Personally, I love rabbit. It’s probably my favorite meat. It’s so lean and tender, but yet when cooked right it’s still juicy and moist. I put it on this blog not because it’s unusual to me, but because many people don’t want to eat rabbit. For instance I haven’t been able to find any rabbit in the province where I live in China.

My first meal when I was back in Holland was a stewed leg of rabbit in a very tart vinegar sauce. I had it with my family at restaurant “Pieke Potloed” in Maastricht, a restaurant specialized in serving dishes from the local area.

The rabbit was indeed beautifully cooked. It was so tender it simply fell of the bone. You could eat it with a spoon. The sauce was a thick rich gravy of the rabbit’s own juices with a heavy hand of vinegar. Though I liked the sauce, I think perhaps a sauce that’s a little sweeter, like a beer sauce, goes better with rabbit.

Fear Factor 0 / Taste Test – 8


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