Yak milk tea


Many people around the world drink their tea with milk. The British famously do so, and the milk tea from Hong Kong is almost equally as famous. As a kid I would often put some milk in my tea too, but the Tibetans in my area take it to a whole new level. They don’t put milk in their tea, they put tea in their milk.

After a visit to the grasslands of Xiahe in the Tibetan Plateau, I stopped at a local restaurant for a short break. I asked for some yak tea, thinking I could try the famous yak butter tea. Instead they went out and came back with a bottle of yak milk. They poured the contents in a kettle and added some tea leaves.

I’m not the biggest fan of milk, but I can drink it if I have too. Unfortunately they kettle boiled over and the milk was burnt. All I could taste was burnt milk. I don’t think yak milk is supposed to taste like that, so I might have to try it again another time.

Fear Factor – 1 / Taste Test – 4

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