Yam cookies


A yam is a root vegetable similar to a taro. They look and taste similar and are both fairly bland lending them to both savory and sweet dishes. In Europe we don’t often cook with them, though in America they are often served sweet as part of a big roast dinner.

I found a box of yam cookies at my grocery, and as I’d never tried I of course had to indulge. The cookies were quite small, though they were almost as thick as they were wide. They had a wonderful texture that was both crunchy and flaky. The cookies had a crunchy, almost salty, outer layer and a rich buttery center. It was almost like eating a spoonful of salted butter.

I couldn’t quite taste the yam in here, but as I said, yams have a very mild flavor anyway. It could have just been used as a base the same way you can use rice to make a rice pudding. At any rate, I enjoyed these cookies a whole late. They might not have been very yammy, but they were definitely very yummy.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 8


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