Bull’s testicle


I’m writing the blog entry from my hotel room in Krakow, Poland. Last night I went to the great restaurant and steak house Ed Red. Ed Red is renowned for its dry aged steaks, but also serves some interesting nose-to-tail dining for the first courses. I asked you guys what you’d like me to try for my blog and the answer was “mountain oysters”. That’s the name given to bull’s testicle.

I’m not going to lie to you. I was indeed a bit grossed out at the idea of eating testicles, but the sense of adventure won me over. The dish came served just as beautifully as one would expect from a Michelin listed restaurant with a white chocolate sauce and grapes.

My first thought was, “Hey, this looks nice,” as I was expecting to just see one big old lump of meat on a plate as you see in some travel shows when they visit Spain. The ball itself looked much more like meat than organ meat, so that was a good sign as well. Then I had mustered enough courage to dig in.

Let me tell you, it was amazing. The texture was not fatty or chewy like most organ meats are, there was a real bite to it. I would compare it to a French boudin blanc. The taste was similar to a German white sausage, and I love sausage. This was a really nice piece of meat, but what really made it outstanding were the accompanying sweet grapes.

For anyone who is ever faced with the option of eating bull’s testicles, I would suggest to set your fears aside and just go for it. Do you have the balls?

Fear Factor – 7 / Taste Test – 10

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