Truffle chocolate truffles


I had previously written about black truffle ice-cream and said I had ever tried a truffle dessert before. Well, technically speaking that’s not entirely true as I did once get a truffle flavored chocolate truffle at the end of a degustation menu. That was at the strictly vegetarian restaurant Fu He Hui in Shanghai, which now holds one Michelin star.

I love my veggies, and it’s not easy to find vegetarian food at Michelin level, besides maybe in New York and Paris. You could choose from 4 differently prices menus that all consisted of 8 courses. Though with the addition of amuse bouche and those truffle it was closer to ten.

At the end when I got the truffle and put it in my mouth I didn’t know it contained black truffle. You can imagine my surprise as I bet into it. It was the best thing of the whole menu, and let me tell you the menu was great as it was. The truffle paired so beautifully with the chocolate it was just pure bliss. Oh how which to have one more.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test 10


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