Crispy peas


In bars around the world you usually get a bowl of peanuts with your drinks to keep you thirsty and happy. In China I’ve often received not a bowl of nuts, but a bowl of crispy peas. That’s great for me as I hate peanuts.

I’m not quite sure how they make this snack, but somehow these naturally sweet peas have transformed into a crispy crunchy snack. It doesn’t hold much flavor of its own, but it’s usually doused in garlic or spice. It makes for a great snack to graze on while having a beer.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 10


2 thoughts on “Crispy peas

    • Off the bitten path

      I really do. Most other nuts and things like sesame as well. Except pistachios and other nuts that don’t taste nutty. I guess I’m nuts enough.


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