Vegetarian Beijing duck


Having lived in China for six years, I have obviously eaten my share of Beijing duck. You get sliced of crispy roasted duck with some shredded spring onion and cucumber and some hoisin sauce that you then wrap yourself in a small pancake. The assembling of the dish is half the fun of eating Beijing duck.

When I went to the Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant “Fu He Hui” in Shanghai, there was a Beijing duck course on the menu. My first thought was “How can Beijing duck be vegetarian?” but I soon found out. We were served a wide strip of pancake, with a big piece of tofu topped with some crispy tofu skin that was also served with hoi sin sauce and vegetables. You then tucked in the ends and made your own wrap.

The textures were indeed very similar to a Beijing duck, with the crispy tofu skin and the crunchy vegetables. The hoisin sauce also added that familiar flavor to the dish, so as a whole dish it hit all the right notes. The individual components, especially the main tofu, was not exactly my favorite though, as it didn’t remind of duck. Vegetarian food does not mean you have to replace meat, simply let the vegetables and grains do the talking.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test 8



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