100th post: help me choose my next dish

This is my one hundredth post on my blog, and I decided to make today’s post a special occasion. Today I won’t describe what unusual food I’ve eaten, but I am calling on my followers to help me choose what to eat next.

From July 9th to July 12th I will be on holiday in Poland and I’ve made reservations at a wonderful restaurant called Ed Red in Krakow. This place is renowned for their grilled steaks and use of local produce. Their menu also offers a lot of starters from the nose-to-tail dining category. Of course I can only choose one starter, but which one will it be?

Have a look at the list of starters below, and leave a reply to tell me which dish to choose. Obviously the dish with the most votes is the one that I will be going for. And now for the menu:

* Stuffed pig’s head with mushrooms on lentil salad

* Veal offal 5 ways – liver, sweetbread, tongue, cheeks, cerebellum

* Marrow bone with ox tail jam, radish and herbs

* Blood sausage with onion preserve and apple on fried bread

* Mountain oysters (bull testicle) with smoked white chocolate sauce and pickled grapes


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