Fried ravioli


In 2006 I was living in America on an exchange program from university. My hometown at the time was Springfield, Missouri, birthplace of Route 66. Over the 5 months I was there I must have gained about a pound a week as I had never seen such variety and availability of food before. I don’t blame American food, there is a lot of healthy stuff. I can only blame myself for systematically avoiding the healthier options, and going for fried food instead. Hey, can you blame me? Everything tastes better fried.

When I say everything, I genuinely mean everything. I’d eaten deep-fried pizza in Scotland before, and had heard of the mystical deep-fried butter. During my last week at university I ventured off campus to have a nice lunch at a local Italian restaurant, where a dish of fried ravioli caught my eye.

Fried ravioli was invented in St Louis, the biggest city in Missouri, not too far away from Springfield. It’s a normal beef stuffed parcel of pasta, but instead of boiling it, it gets fried in oil. The result is a crispy shell with a soft center. I can only assume that to Italians this must be sacrilege, but I must admit I rather enjoyed my fried ravioli. It came with a lovely marinara sauce for dipping.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 8


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