Coconut water espresso


The advertisement for the coconut water espresso at Starbucks in China certainly looked appealing. There was a clear layer of juice on the bottom with a rich coffee floating on top. Unlike many other ads, the coffee actually looked like the picture. That was a promising start.

The first sip was equally promising, as the straw sucks up the sweet coconut water, and then hits the bitter coffee. It made for a nice combination. After a while though, the two layers get muddled up and you are left with what in essence is a sweetened coffee. It tasted great at first, and pretty nice towards the end, so all in all not a bad score.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 8


2 thoughts on “Coconut water espresso

  1. Off the bitten path

    I reckon it could, with the healthy demographic. No added cream or sugar or anything. But what would the rainbow unicorn frappucino demographic think?


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