Sea Salt Chocolate


Savory sweet has been one of the most prominent changes in desserts across the globe for the past few years. Salt and chocolate is not something you would easily find ten years ago, but now it’s there for the taking.

I picked up a bar of sea salt chocolate by Lindt chocolatiers at a local supermarket. I was a little weary that it might be too salty, but for the most part I was expecting no flavor of salt whatsoever, as I’ve not been able to find traces of salt in previous experiments such as salty caramel cheesecake.

The salt was definitely there, though. It blended in with the bitter chocolate perfectly with an even distribution. There was no bite that was overly salty, just as there was no bite without. It took a little getting used to, but in the end I polished off the whole bar.

Imagine stirring a bit of salt through your hot cocoa instead of spoonful of sugar, and you can get what the taste is like. Not sweet, but bitter and a little savory.

Fear Factor – 1 / Taste Test 8


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