Mustard ice-cream


For my 3rd anniversary my partner and I had an outrageous lunch at two Michelin starred restaurant Beluga in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The meal consisted of about ten courses with a major emphasis on fish and seafood.

There were quite a few modern techniques and interesting surprises throughout the meal, but the biggest surprise came when I bit into an ice-cream that turned out to be a mustard ice-cream. I’d never had a savory ice-cream before and of course mustard is a very strong and pungent flavor. The heat of the mustard and the cold of the ice-cream made a really unexpected contract that worked extremely well.

I’d never eaten at a Michelin-starred restaurant before, and I always wondered if a restaurant with a star really put up food that is so much “better” than other restaurants. It definitely is the case for Beluga. Not only is everything cooked to perfection and tastes amazing, it’s also full of surprises and is a feast for the eyes.

Fear Factor – n/a / Taste Test – 9

P.S. I can’t give it any score for Fear Factor as I didn’t know I was going to eat it.


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