Edamame bread sticks


Edamame is a kind of snack food from Japan, or at least to me it’s a snack. You take a cooked soy bean pod, and pop out the beans in your mouth.  They taste a bit like peas and are usually salted. For me it’s a great snack and a healthy one at that.

From Pretz now come edamame flavored sticks. They are much thinner than the normal Pocky or Pretz sticks, making for a crispier snack than usual. There are 100 think biscuit sticks in the bag, and popping one after another in your mouth feels somewhat similar than popping one soy bean after another.

Taste wise there was that slightly earthy flavor that peas have, but it lacked the saltiness I usually associate with edamame. The crunch does make up for the lack of flavor, but not entirely. If the package says edamame, then give us edamame.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 6


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