Squid in squid ink


I always thought that ink was for writing, but then I heard about squid ink pasta and a whole new world of colorful food opened up to me. Not exactly colorful though as squid ink turns your food pitch black. I first tried squid in its own ink at one of Jason Atherton’s restaurants in London.

This dish looked great with some fried baby squid served with a squid ink aioli. It all tasted very squidy, if that’s even a word, with a touch of salt and a hint of lemon. I wasn’t sure though if that taste came from the squid and its seasoning, or from the actual squid ink.

Later, at one of my own dinner parties I cooked a squid stuffed with chorizo served with a squid ink aioli as well. It turned out really great. I was surprised though how much ink I had to add to the aioli in order to make it black. I went through all my small packages. Next time I’d better buy a whole jar of it. Could come in handy if I need to write a letter too.

Fear Factor – 1 / Taste Test – 8

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