Green tea & chocolate egg waffles


Hong Kong is the birthplace of egg waffles. That’s a big waffle of egg-shaped bubbles connect to each other by its own pastry. I’ve had it before in China when the little egg bubbles were hollow and it was just one crispy skin. Honestly I thought that that was the way it’s supposed to be.

Until I went to Hong Kong and visited a food stall called Mammy Pancakes. This place is recognized by Michelin and was put on their list of best street food places in Hong Kong & Macau. Naturally that draws attention as well as crowds. After waiting for about 20 minutes I was finally handed a green tea and chocolate waffle.

Yes, I said green tea. That’s the go to dessert staple here along with red beans. I’ve said before how I think it tastes grassy, but hey, I have a blog to keep up about unusual food. I wasn’t going to go for plain chocolate.

The waffle was heavenly. Really. The egg puffs were soft and chewy, and the outside was crispy and crunchy, making for a great play on textures. The green tea flavor was there, but there wasn’t even the tiniest trace of grassiness. Of course the flecks of chocolate sprinkled mixed within the batter was not something I minded either. If anyone finds themselves in Hong Kong, do yourself a favor and visit this stall.

Fear Factor – 1 / Taste Test – 10


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