Braised pork cheek


The thought of eating pork cheek had never occurred to me until recent years when so-called nose-to-tail dining became a recurring feature in restaurants and cooking shows alike. Two years ago, long before the existence of my blog, I had booked a table for two at Alain Ducasse’s “Aux Lyonnaise” restaurant in Paris.

The very affordable set lunch menu featured braised pork leeks in mustard with mashed potatoes which I was dying to try out. The mash was beautifully smooth, more butter than potatoes, but the pork stole the show. The cheeks were so incredibly soft that you could eat them with a spoon. The flavor was equally amazing. Rich, juicy pork that tasted so much more of pork than most cutlets or tenderloins I had eaten before.

If you like pulled pork, you will love pork chees. They are even juicier and more flavorful than American pulled pork. This might just have been my favorite ever pork dish.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 10


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