Seaweed chocolate


I’ve tried different kinds of chocolate before, such as white chocolate with lemon, but even I was taken aback when I found a bar of seaweed chocolate. I’d never heard of such a thing before. It turned out to be white chocolate mixed with seaweed and crispy rice for texture.

There’s really only one word to describe it: weird. It really was. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great, but it played with your mind. You know when you try something that you don’t like, but you try again just to be sure you don’t like it.

It definitely tasted of seaweed, more specifically nori, which is used to wrap sushi. It also definitely had that sweet creamy element of white chocolate. Writing about it, I’m still confused. Do I like this, or not? I guess I’ll have to try again.

Fear Factor – 5 / Taste Test – 7


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