Luwak Coffee


Luwak coffee is one of the world’s more expensive delacies with one kilo costing up to $700. It’s also known as cat-poo coffee because of the way it’s made. The fresh coffee berries are eaten by Asian palm civets. After it has been digested farmers pick out the berries and roast them like any normal coffee. After a thorough cleaning, of course.

I’m not a big fan of coffee, but during my recent trip to Bali, I came across a place where you could sample some of their coffee, including luwak coffee. I know this is a tourist place, and the beans here are farmed, and not from the wild, but it was a good opportunity for me to try without a heft investment.

Some people say it’s just a novelty item, and there is no great taste, but I disagree. I really felt the coffee was incredibly smooth, not bitter at all. I didn’t even need to add any cream or sugar, it was great on its own.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 10


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