The jackfruit is like the little brother of the strong smelling Durian. It’s similar in shape and size, often the size of a football helmet adorned with spiked. Jackfruit also emits a strong smell, a sickly sweet smell of a room full of flowers. Jackfruit is usually eaten on its own, though in some countries it’s turned into a curry.

The flesh has a chewiness and a bite to it not unlike that of cooked chicken. I guess that’s why it makes for a great curry. The flavor is sweet, like its smell, but it also has a slightly spoilt taste. This is where the durian comparison comes in.

Personally I like jackfruit a lot better than durian, as it doesn’t just taste rotten, but sweet as well. However, I’m not a big fan either. Sometimes you come across a piece of flesh that does taste more “off”, and it’s hard to swallow.

Fear Factor – 2 / Taste Test – 5


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