Nitrogen ice-cream


The great chef Ferran Adria is credited with revolutionizing food through science, creating molecular cooking and inspiring chefs like Heston Blumenthal, Grand Achatz and Alvin Leung. It seems like the Michelin starred restaurants of today are not complete without spheres, smoke, jellies, and foams. The go-to ingredient for these kind of chefs is liquid nitrogen.

During my trip in Bali, I was drawn in by an ice-cream parlor that makes its ice-cream on the spot using liquid nitrogen. That was something I had never tried before, because you can usually only find it as part of an expensive tasting menu. I asked the waiter to “cook” me up a batch of popcorn caramel ice-cream, and away he went.

Machines started whizzing, smoke started rising and after a few minutes my ice-cream was done. I was surprised at how good it turned out without churning. It had a great silky smooth texture. The taste was wonderful as well, sweet caramel topped with a handful of popcorn. I wish they’d started selling these here in China.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test 10


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