Dragon fruit


The dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that I’d never even heard about as a kid. It’s eaten all over China and South East Asia, but actually comes from Mexico and South America where it is called Pitahaya. Though there are a few varieties the most common one here in China has white flesh.

The flesh is very juicy and is really refreshing. It’s a little bit sweet as well. The texture is more like a banana, not too soft and not too hard. Like a banana it’s easy to peel making it a handy on-the-go snack. There are dozens of blacks seeds within the flesh, but these can be eaten without chewing as they’re neither big nor hard.

I rather like this fruit, although I wouldn’t want to eat too much of it, as its taste reminds me of cucumber and watermelon, two other watery fruits that I don’t really like. It’s good in a fruit salad though, or with some yogurt.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 7


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