Lobster bisque bloody Mary


A few months ago I went on a weekend trip to Dubai, a shopper’s delight where everything’s made of gold. That last is certainly true for “Gold on 27”, the penthouse bar on the 27th floor of the infamous Burj al Arab hotel. The walls, furniture and decorations are bedecked in gold.

The cocktail list is almost as outrageous as the décor. You can order cocktails with truffle, foie gras or even charcoal. I went for the bloody Mary made with lobster bisque. This classic cocktail is usually made with tomato juice, but the mixologists of the Burj al Arab have replaced this with a house made lobster bisque. As if that wasn’t decadent enough, it’s served with a molecular yogurt sphere.

The cocktail was very well crafted indeed. For that price it better be, but of course you pay for your surroundings too. It had a strong savory taste that definitely reminds of a bloody Mary, while the addition of a seafood broth gives it a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. If I hadn’t known it contained lobster, I probably wouldn’t have guessed.

Fear Factor – 3 / Taste Test – 7


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