Durian Pizza


Earlier on in this blog I mentioned I’d tried a blueberry pizza. Before then, I never thought a fruit pizza could work. Though I’m still not 100% convinced, at least it wasn’t terrible. Today I went for a pizza buffet and found they were serving durian pizza. Durian. My enemy. I shall conquer you one day. Perhaps today would be my lucky day.

There was no bad smell coming off the pizza, but if you came in close, you could definitely smell that distinct aroma. Taste wise it was a similar experience. The flavor of durian was there, that slightly rotten taste, but it wasn’t overpowering. It wasn’t a side note on the background, the taste was definitely there. It was just not off-putting. I could actually finish the whole piece. Perhaps I finally conquered the mighty king of fruits. I didn’t go back for seconds though, it wasn’t THAT good.

Fear Factor – 7 – Taste Test – 5


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