Taro Pie


McDonald’s is famous the world over for its hamburgers, but of course there’s more to the menu than just a burger. Most countries will also serve a piece of apple pie, or sometimes pineapple pie. It’s not a traditional slice of pie, but rather a filling encased in a crunchy crust. Think sweet egg roll.

One golden rule of food is that you eat what you have. Here in China that means that one filling of pie is sweet taro. Taro is a big starchy root vegetable that is often compared to potato. It certainly has a similar texture and can be treated in the same way. Yu can fry it, mash it or roast it for instance.

The taro pies at McDonald’s are filled with chunks of sweetened taro that are covered in a sweet and sticky purple colored sauce. At first bite you might think that the ingredients are not “supposed” to be sweet, but you quickly realize there’s nothing strange or off-putting about sweet taro. It doesn’t taste savory nor does it have a strange texture. Maybe I should try putting sugar on my fries next time too.

Fear Factor – 3 / Taste Test – 8


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