Truffle ice-cream


There are plenty of delicacies in this world that people are prepared to pay top dollar for. Caviar, champagne, foie gras. My vote of confidence goes to the king of fungi, the holy truffle. I’ve had the pleasure of eating it before on pastas and risottos in Italy and at home, but I never thought about using it in a dessert as the taste is so pungent.

That was until I found it mixed in with ice-cream at a gourmet ice-cream parlor in Shanghai. The ice-cream is made fresh to order with truffles mixed in as well as freshly grated on top. The whole thing is then decorated with a gold leaf for that little extra decadence.

The smell alone set me in high spirits, but that taste. That taste. It’s just heavenly. It’s like you take a hundred porcini mushrooms and reduce the taste to the size of just one mushroom. Rather than trying to force a savory flavor into something sweet, the taste was kept original. The end result was a smooth and creamy truffle with just a hint of sweetness. Truffle as a dessert? Yes. A thousand times yes.

Fear Factor – 1 / Taste Test – 10


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