Pork floss donut


Savory sweets are a trend in the culinary world. Miso caramel, beetroot brownies, avocado chocolate mousse. Here in China, however, it’s not a trend, it’s a way of cooking that has been going on for ages. Most Chinese don’t like sweet dishes very much, and desserts are not commonly eaten in traditional cooking. But of course Chinese people are interested in what the west is doing, and are taking their food and adapting it.

One of those adaptions is pork floss donut. That’s right, a donut topped with pork. Pork floss is made by slowly cooking pork, shredding it and frying the shreds into chewy strands of porky goodness. It’s in texture similar to a beef jerky.

I was surprised to find it sprinkled over donuts, but then again what is a donut really. In fact it’s nothing more than a vessel for flavors just like rice and potatoes. It’s only sweet when you add sugar to it. This donut with pork floss did not have sugar added to it, and was in essence bread with pork. You wouldn’t say no to a ham sandwich would you?

The contrast in textures was a bit unusual with the silky soft donut and the chewy strands of porky goodness, and yes the taste was not something I am used to. In saying that, it was a nice eat. Not delicious, but I’d eat another if only I had bought more.

Fear Factor – 5 / Taste Test – 7


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