Ox tongue


Some of the best beef I’ve had has been in South Korea where it gets cooked right in front of you on a table grill. In China I sometimes go to a Korean barbeque restaurant to try and mimic that experience. I’ve tried it with different cuts of beef and pork before, but this time I decided to try out some ox tongue, having never eaten tongue before.

The tongue came out very thinly sliced, but you could definitely tell it was tongue due to the marbling of the meat. Because the slices were so thin, the meat cooked in a matter of seconds. When I tried a piece on its own I thought I was eating a beef steak. Not just any steak, but one in which the flavor was so compressed you’d think you were eating over reduced gravy.

I mean that in the best possible way as it was packed full of beefy flavor. Later I tried to mix it with some onion – which was good -, some spicy sauce – which was overpowering, and some mushroom – which was amazing. Now I know that tongue tastes good, I’ll have to try a thicker slice next time I come across it.

Fear Factor – 4 / Taste Test – 8


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