Another mysterious fruit of my youth, the kumquat. The kumquat comes from the citrus family. It’s orange in color, shaped like an egg, but much smaller than any of the other citrus fruits. I’d only ever heard about these fruit when I was younger.

I picked up a bag of kumquats from the supermarket blatantly unaware of how to eat them. As I cut into one of them thinking I’d eat it as if it were a tangerine I was surprised by the lack of visible flesh. What little was there was very juice and sweet, but at this rate I would have to open about a hundred before I would have quenched my thirst.

Perhaps they weren’t fully ripe yet, so I had a look on Google for some more information. It turns out that you eat them as a whole, skin and all. I cut another open and removed the pips and cut off a few slices.

I expected the rind to be bitter, but there was only a slight underlying bitter note. Instead I found a little piece of textural heaven all in one bite. First you go through the chewy, slightly bitter, ring. Then comes the sweet almost creamy flesh and at last you get a big hit of sweet juice as the flesh releases its juice. This was a nice little find. I can imagine it makes for a great marmalade.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 8


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