Sweet mayonnaise chips


When I saw this box of chips my first thought was that somewhere in a food lab in China some genius had created asparagus chips. I love green asparagus, and I was convinced asparagus flavored chips would be a sensation. Alas, I was misguided. Even on first contact, there wasn’t the faintest trace of asparagus whatsoever. If anything, these chips tastes more like sweet mayonnaise.

I do like mayonnaise, and so I happily finished the entire pack I started to think though that maybe the picture on the box does not accurately portray the flavor, and my Chinese is just not good enough to read the label. After some research I discovered that it was indeed a salad dressing flavor. However, it was not at all what I expected, so I still consider it a major disappointment.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 6


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