Oolong tea bread sticks


Pocky, the famous bread stick snack from Japan comes in many flavors. Some are savory and some are sweet. Others fall somewhere in between, such as the Oolong tea bread stick. On first glance it appeared to be a sweet one, as it had a glazed coating.

The taste of the sticks reminded me of a rose petal syrup that’s often used in Middle Eastern cooking. I know that many teas in China have a floral element to it, and I can’t pretend to know my Oolong tea from my Rooibos. It’s possible that the flavoring is a perfect match without my knowledge. I was just expecting more herbal elements, and less floral notes.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. On the contrary I was quite partial to it. The evenly distributed coating around the stick made sure that the flavor didn’t dissipate immediately unlike some of the ones that are merely dusted in a powder.

Fear Factor – 0 / Taste Test – 6


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